Floral bra set

This is my first post. I aim to record my makes for a year to see if it helps me remember and learn from my mistakes as well as keep track of my production.


So I think this is the 15th bra I have made…. And the first that I can say I’m truly happy with. So happy in fact that i have made matching panties to go with it.

bra (3)

The bra pattern is the Malborough from Orange Lingerie.

I have made both the Marlborough and the Boylston and have had mixed results. Success seems to be wholly dependent on the fabric used. I have made both in a size 36E (38DD with band and frame reduced by 1/2″).

The Marlborough I have made in both lined rigid and lined stretch lace. The lined rigid lace version has become my favourite bra. The stretch gives a great comfortable bra but with less support and a rounded shape. A version I made in unlined rigid silk was a disaster with the powerbar cutting into the breast and creating a weird kind of ‘quad boob’ effect 😦

This, my most recent version of the Malborough I have made with a unlined rigid fabric and stretch lace uppercup. The fit is very firm and supportive (which i like) and the cups are a great shape; a sort of a rounded point….

bra (4)

The band is a white powernet. I had to unpick and redo the elastic under the arm on both sides as it gaped when completed. I really had to stretch it whilst stitching along the length of the rigid fabric and also trimmed back the band in an attempt to extend the length that the fabric had to stretch and reduce gaping.

bra (2)

Reminder to self to check the width of the bra band against the hook & eye tabs before stitching the strap elastic in place! Both sides I had to unpick and reattach after trimming back the band to fit. Very boring.


This entire set was stitched with a universal needle. No skipped stitches! Must be the rigid fabric.

bra (5)


The panties are the Ohh Lulu thong in a large. I love this pattern – they are super comfortable – however I think I’ll make them again in a medium as whilst they fit, they seem a little loose.

thong (4)

I love this set! They fit beautifully and are so pretty! The rigid floral fabric is a silky scrap I bought in Paris so many years ago when I lived there. It has always been too small to do anything with and I am so pleased that I have found a purpose for it! There is still enough for another set of panties and maybe even another bra!


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