Sarouel pants – blue cotton muslin

I wore out my favourite navy blue Scanlon & Theodore drop-crotch pants. They were made of 100% viscose and after only 2 years, the fabric just disintegrated at the seams. Disappointing as they were expensive. I resolved that I would trace the pattern off them and make my own pair…. I ended up using a Burda Magazine pattern as the base and refined the details to match my fave Scanlon pair.


I had a blue cotton bedsheet in my stash and used it to make a muslin to be on the safe side. The Burda pattern I based them on was No.116 Sarouel Trousers in the 5/2010 issue for the waistband and pocket details, but traced the seams of my Scanlon pair to get the leg shape that I loved/missed.


I took out all the front pleats and narrowed the leg leaving the crotch depth as per the pattern. I also introduced the cool top-stitched seam detail that featured in the front leg of the Scanlon pair.


The pocket details were great on the Burda Pattern with inseam pockets on the sides and a single welt pocket on the back RHS.

IMG_8477              IMG_8486

I thought I’d done the pocket so well, particularly as the Burda instructions were very confusing. They look great from the outside, however when I wore them I discovered that my hand went straight through behind the pocket. No putting any loose change in there….


The side pockets could have been a bit more generous, but overall I’m very happy with my muslin. They’re getting a good work out. I definitely need another pair.





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