Black snakeskin set


I am loving Orange Lingerie‘s patterns. I’ve made several of the Malborough and find these bras so comfortable and an excellent fit.

I was inspired by Novita’s coral floral set to use lace in the upper cup and remove the fabric straps from this bra and replace with regular elastic straps.


I have made two versions of the Boylson now: one lined in foam, one without, both in a rigid fabric. Both were a disaster in my size with the upper cup completely flattening out the breast. The cups fit but look terrible! This version has been made in a stretch lycra with foam lined cups. They have been much more successful.


I used emerald erin‘s satin stitch technique to join the foam cups. Where it worked, it looked great, but I had a lot of skipped stitches despite using a stretch needle.  I tried a universal needle too, but it wasn’t any better, so I’m not sure what the solution is….


I sewed a little reclaimed black bow onto the top of the bridge. The frame and bridge are lined with a black 20% dernier tricot lining and black powernet is used for the backstrap. Both were from Rathdowne Fabrics. The black lace upper cup is zigzagged to the foam cup.


I folded the underarm elastic over to form the loop for the ring and placed a little piece of satin ribbon with in the fold to stabilize it. This tip came from Cloth Habit. So many amazing bloggers have inspired and informed my bra making journey! Three in this one post! A huge thank you to you all!


The Thong is the Ohh lulu pattern again. Very quick and easy to make and comfortable. The pattern is designed to use fold over elastic. To use the picot elastic I added the width of the elastic (about 1/4″ not including the picot edge) to all the edges to which this elastic was to be applied to allow for finishing.

Lycra was from GJs Discount Fabric. All notions from MRecht Accessories. I can’t remember where I got the stretch lace…

Patterns: orange lingerie’s boylston bra. Size 36E. (38DD with band and frame reduced by 1/2″)  ohh lulu 1308 gia thong Size medium


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